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2022 Boyd WOW Star Employee Recognition Program – Now Accepting Nomination Forms

As we discussed earlier this week we are pleased to announce the continuation and welcome the new changes to our 2022 Boyd WOW Star Employee Recognition Program!

Who Can Nominate:  All Boyd Group Leadership Conference Attendees excluding the Executive Management Team and Vice Presidents. (Note: Glass America Vice Presidents and RVPs are allowed to submit nominations).

Nominations: All leaders as noted above should plan to submit two nominations.

  • You cannot submit more than two nominations

  • All nomination forms should be completed by the leader; this task is not to be passed on to another team member

  •  If you work in Operations then one of your two nominations should be allocated to Operations

  • You do not have to nominate someone in your department or functional area; nominations can be a cross job, positions and even geography in Canada or the US

WOW Star Nomination Form is now open; your first submission is due on June 30th. Please use this link for your nomination: LINK 2022 WOW STAR NOMINATION FORM.

As a reminder the Second nomination will open on August 2nd, you will receive an email and link to submit your second nomination.

THANK YOU for taking the time to help us grow our WOW Star program in 2022. Our Boyd WOW Star Employee Recognition Program drives our success because it recognizes and rewards team members that are clearly living our mission, vision and goal every single day. It also gives our leadership team an opportunity to get closer to our best and brightest team members and learn from them.

We appreciate your nominations and look forward to reading the many ‘WOW stories’ that you submit. Thanks again for helping us identify and recognize those that are ALL IN and truly ‘WOW every customer’ on a daily basis.