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Book your airfare to Fort Lauderdale Today!

We have identified a couple of flight options on United Airline out of Chicago for you to go ahead with booking. The round trip cost as of June 23 was $208.00 – $231.00. 
We are asking everyone to book their flight as soon as possible, as the maximum budget is $300.00 round trip. You can book with any airline you prefer as long as it’s within budget. 
Once you have booked your flight we ask that you complete the form linked here as we are collecting arrival times to arrange for ground transportation in Florida.
United Airline Chicago Flight Suggestions:
Departing on Monday, December 5th
  • Departing ORD at 7:21 am arriving at 11:28 am FFL – Direct flight
  • Departing ORD at 10:37 am arriving at 2:42  pm FFL – Direct flight
Departing on Thursday, December 8th
  • Departing FFL at 2:42 pm arriving at 5:00 pm ORD – Direct flight
  • Departing FFL at 4:22  pm arriving at 6:43 pm ORD – Direct flight
The Boyd Group will be covering your hotel accommodations arriving on Monday, December 5th  and departing on Thursday, December 8th.
Plan to arrive at the hotel no later than 4:00 PM ET on Monday. Meetings conclude Thursday at 12:00 PM ET.